FCO has the expertise, insight and property management technology that enhances our collections capabilities:

  • FCO's Application Development Team includes the finest UNIX, SQL and integration programmers. Clients appreciate our quick turn-around time on special report requests and custom projects.
  • FCO’s Electronic Skip-Tracing Interfaces enable collectors to receive instant responses from leading skip-trace providers, improving right party contact rates.
  • Our Automated Collection Software allows our collections team to implement special outbound call and letter campaigns fast. FCO work strategies accommodate unique collection needs with quick turnaround.
  • Residents pay online 24/7, increasing clients’ recovery over traditional methods alone.
Best-In-Class Integrations

FCO’s Collections Best Practices streamline client’s efforts, enhance compliance, and increase recovery over traditional models. FCO’s software integrations in rental housing – one key FCO Best Practice – have been an FCO leadership focus for over a decade. Our best-in-class integrations provide client ease-of-use through easy document transfer and placement criteria standardization.

A Co-Chair of the Real Estate Technology Alliance’s Collections Work Group and a charter member of the MITS Collections Standard, FCO builds and optimizes integrations with several property management integration partners, including:

What I like best about working with FCO is their responsiveness. We began using them nationwide when we changed over to the Yardi platform. The Yardi/FCO integration makes sending past residents with balances to collections a much easier process. As a member of our company’s MIS department, I appreciate their availability and promptness in responding to any questions or issues we have. Everyone is accessible; from our Account Rep, the Systems & Integration Analyst, VP’s of Collections, to the CIO. All communicate quickly and efficiently. They are wonderful to work with.

Business Systems Analyst